Guidelines for Grant Applications

The Bernau Family Foundation exists to promote the long term improvement of individual lives for the betterment of society and the development of positive leadership among the young people who will be the adults of our future communities.

We promote the long term improvement of individual lives and development of positive leadership by funding organizations who do not offer simply a temporary solution for an improved quality of life, but rather those organizations or groups who instill in the individuals touched the importance of the following values: substance free living, elimination of personal violence and crime, the value of civic responsibility, the importance of continued education for gainful employment, and faith in the saving grace of Jesus Christ. We give preference to those organizations which have custom programs for working one on one with individuals who will then turn their lives around and have a positive impact on people in their own sphere of influence.

The following guidelines are used in the evaluation and consideration of grant requests:

  • Except in rare circumstances, grants are currently limited to programs and projects that will impact the communities in the following geographic areas: Moneta, VA; Fort Worth, TX; Chicago, IL; Hartford, CT; New York, NY; Provo, UT.
  • Preference in awarding grants will be made to those projects that encourage constructive change, strive to achieve excellence, have a significant component of public service, and have a long term impact.

  • Grants will be made only to those entities designated by the IRS as public charities or nonprofit organizations, not to individuals, government agencies, or political groups.


  1. If you are new to us, please complete the Grant Letter of Inquiry and e-mail it to You will be notified if you are eligible to continue to the next phase of application:

  2. If you are a returning organization or a board member has approached you for additional information, please complete the Grant Application Form Note: if you would like to receive this form via e-mail, please e-mail to request a Word document.
  3. The application form will request the following documents:

    • A proposal summary which addresses concisely the following:
      -Objectives and background of the project;
      -Demonstration of need;
      -Specific plans and timetable
      -Amount of funds requested
      -Description of both the current and long-term funding plans; and
      -Qualifications of the organization and personnel concerned.
    • A budget for the specific project detailing how the funds will be spent and all sources and amounts of income. You must also submit a budget for your organization detailing both expenses and income for the current fiscal year. In the case of foundation support, please list each foundation gift by name, amount, and date committed.
    • Copy of your organizationís IRS 501(c)3 or appropriate tax determination status letter. (If your organization is exempt as a local unit of a national organization, attach your certification of membership. Do not send your federal tax ID number nor state exemption notice.)

  4. Electronic submissions are preferred. Send the application and supporting materials to:
    You may mail media or other supporting materials (optional) in regular mail to:
         The Bernau Family Foundation, Inc. at PO Box 916 Hardy VA, 24101.

Grant Deadline is June 20

Grant funds are normally disbursed at the end of the calendar year.
Organizations receiving funding may be expected to periodically submit a progress report.