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About Us

The Bernau Family Foundation exists to promote the long term improvement of individual lives and the development of positive leadership.

Our vision is a society in which everyone is a healthy, active, contributing member who feels the civic responsibility to continue learning, to teach and mentor, and to encourage one another to grow in grace and faith. 

The Bernau Family Foundation promotes the long term improvement of individual lives and development of positive leadership by funding organizations which offer more than a temporary solution for an improved quality of life, giving preference to those organizations or groups which instill in the individuals touched the importance of the following values: substance free living, elimination of personal violence and crime, civic responsibility, continuing education for gainful employment, and faith. The Bernau Family Foundation supports organizations which have mentor programs that work one on one with individuals whose changed lives will continue to have a positive impact on the people in their own sphere of influence.

Grant Application Process

New to us? Begin with a letter of inquiry.

The following guidelines are used in the evaluation and consideration of requests:

  • The Bernau Family Foundation considers very few unsolicited proposals each year.
  • Preference in awarding grants will be made to those projects that encourage constructive change, strive to achieve excellence, include a significant component of public service, and have a long term impact. In general, the foundation tends toward fostering smaller organizations with high levels of interpersonal engagement.
  • Grants will be made only to those entities designated by the IRS as public charities or nonprofit organizations, not to individuals, government agencies, or political groups.

Approved inquiries and previously funded organizations will receive a grant application by email.

Please note: applications are due by June 20 each year.

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